The Reason Why Your SEO Campaign Fails

If you have a brand new website you must realize that it is going to take time to get ranked.

Do not waste your time targeting what you do not conceivably have the resource to rank for, instead utilize the resources that you actually have across three key areas: keyword research, content development and link building.

When optimizing for a particular term, it is ideal to utilize anchor text and try to rank for a particular search term, keep the variations in mind. For example, if you want to rank for the term “injury lawyers san diego”, then consider researching the variations around those terms e.g. “injury lawyers in san diego”, “san diego injury lawyers” and so on.

Vary your anchor text usage around these terms will appear more natural to search engines and thus drive more rankings. Do not limit your targeting to just one, two or even three terms – target groups.

The Main Reason Why Your SEO Campaign Is NOT Working:

The large majority of website owners who approach SEO do so wearing rose tinted spectacles – their enthusiasm quickly dwindles after they plough lots of resources into trying to generate rankings, hire the wrong suppliers and ultimately fall flat on their face. This is the point where the “process” usually gets blamed.

In order to succeed with SEO you need to remain very consistent because SEO takes time.  You need to expand out your content development strategy, target a wide selection of terms and focus on link building as a monthly action. Once your website is ranked, say page one, then it mandatory to keep working on SEO consistently on a regular basis in order to stay on page one of Google and major search engines.

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